Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services



Office spaces evolve with Society

The major changes happening on today are concretized in particular by the evolution of workspaces, care, leisure, production, sales ...

Workspaces that adapt to the all new needs of people. Offices, for example, become places of life, a little "like home", in which the occupants move without a fixed office. A space to work with others, to work quietly, or to be on the phone ... and sometimes, to relax, have fun or create. GSF is following these developments closely and is collaborating more and more. A new organization is put in place because a clean environment is a permanent need. 


secteur industriel

Factories and workshops

Thanks to the ongoing research for new organizations and cleaning methods, GSF is constantly improving its efficiency and productivity in this environment.  We maintain entire plants from shop floors to machine tools and infrastructure.  For each situation, we implement appropriate means such as steam under pressure, to name only this, and design special units to maintain your production tools.



An environment that welcomes a constant movement of individuals

A clean school space every day is a sign of respect for students and school staff. From elementary schools with their wide range of challenges related to cleanliness (from mud to germs), to secondary schools, colleges and universities, a unique approach is needed to ensure that an adequate level of cleanliness is achieved and maintained. GSF understands the specific issues associated with managing these fast-moving ecosystems and has the skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently.



A Clean Environnement, the center of the customer experience

In a commercial establishment, one of the first observations that the customer notices is the cleanliness of the premises. This means that owners are concerned about their brand image and every detail is important. At GSF, we are aware of this importance and thanks to our discreet but constant and meticulous work, we ensure that your visitors enjoy the best conditions of hygiene and hospitality. The rigorous and responsive organization, seven days a week, allows us to provide cleaning services with the expected flexibility and punctuality.


couloir hopital

Behavior, methods and technologies

Ensuring a clean hospital requires a particular organization: the "spotless clean-up" of the rooms must be carried out continuously during the day so that they can be reallocated quickly after the patients' departure.  In addition to the strict respect of technical procedures, the human dimension is crucial: GSF strives to deploy stable teams, with a specific recruitment and training process and a solid and qualified management.  Thanks to our “UmtSan” application, we are able to optimize the processes of premises management in an hospital environment.


secteur phamaceutique

Producing pharmaceutical drugs can only be done in an ultra-clean environment

The quality of your products is based on perfect control of hygiene and cleanliness of your premises and equipment. Our pharmacist microbiologists have established and work permanently with the management and the local teams, prescribing the cleaning and disinfection protocols, preparing and animating the Training Modules.

Public Sector


Clean environment no matter how busy the aera

Convention centers, casinos, cinemas, theaters, parking areas, libraries, sports centers, shopping centers: GSF ensures the cleanliness of many places open to the public. Flexibility is crucial to adapt to the variations of attendance and constantly meet the needs: the presentation and know-how are the keys in this sector where GSF teams are in contact with customers. 

Multi Site

multi sites

Simplified management

Managing hundreds of buildings over an extended territory is not an easy task.  How to allocate the expenses fairly according to the actual consumption of each building and not the users?  GSF is among the first to manage multi-site plans.  Our success is based on the continuous training of our employees, the long-term relationships established with our customers and our desire to provide quality service.  We are supported by an in-house team of experts which allows us to provide a daily commitment to our clients.

Increase the perceived value of your building

Quality control according to the highest standards of the industry

A competent, dynamic and conscientious team

When it's clean, it's healthy