About Us


GSF Canada was founded in Quebec in 1983 and is part of the Private French Group GSF created in 1963 and which has more than 35,000 employees who design and implement efficient and respectful solutions of teams and the environment to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at work, production, health, leisure and transport spaces of 6,000 customers. Covering all sectors of activity and providing customized complementary services, GSF is present throughout France and in three international countries such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

GSF Canada stands out in terms of cleanliness & associated services in various environments such as office buildings, pharmacy, industrial sites and public spaces in addition to having a Technical Services division. GSF's success is based on the continuous training of our employees, the long-term relationships established with our customers and the desire to provide quality service.

While GSF Canada continues to grow, we remain focused on our mission: to provide a stimulating work environment through respect, accountability, proximity and internal promotion of all our employees while providing a tailored solution for the needs of our customers. We advocate the development of our resources to maintain our standard of performance to excellence.

Management and its staff are committed to continually improving its environmental management system, preventing pollution in its operations and complying with applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements.

Increase the perceived value of your building

Quality control according to the highest standards of the industry

A competent, dynamic and conscientious team

When it's clean, it's healthy