Technical Services

Technical Services

Building Maintenance

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Our versatility will give you peace of mind

This sector covers a multitude of services.  Getting a trusted person who knows the environment of your business is a security (insurance) that alleviates small and big problems.  We can offer management and implementation services for projects such as:

  • high cleaning area
  • floor maintenance
  • interior renovations
  • a service of assembly and layout of structures in the commercial environment
  • an update of your ventilation system, heating system, plumbing service
  • inspection and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers and emergency lights, and any other services.

Snow Removal


You ensure the safety of the people you live with or work with

GSF not only has more than 15 years of experience in this type of service but also the infrastructure, the financial and operational capacity, the management and the management structure to take in charge any mandate. We specialize in multi-site portfolios with our clients and currently serve more than 1,760 locations for snow removal in Canada, including 832 sites in Quebec alone.


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Exterior beauty must be considered as the interior of your environment, which enhances the image of your company

In terms of outdoor maintenance, GSF currently maintains more than 3,500 sites across Canada mainly in the Maritimes , in Quebec and Ontario.

Our services include:

  • spring Cleaning
  • landscaping
  • grass Cutting
  • and any other type of outdoor maintenance

Increase the perceived value of your building

Quality control according to the highest standards of the industry

A competent, dynamic and conscientious team

When it's clean, it's healthy